• 6N137SDM
  • 6N137SDM
  • 6N137SDM
  • 6N137SDM
  • 6N137SDM
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The 6N137M, HCPL2601M, HCPL2611M single-channel and HCPL2630M, HCPL2631M dual-channel optocouplers consist of a 850 nm AlGaAS LED, optically coupled to a very high speed integrated photo-detector logic gate with a strobable output. This output features an open collector, permitting wired OR outputs. The coupled parameters are guaranteed over the temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. A maximum input signal of 5mA providew a minimum output sink current of 13mA (fan out of 8). An internal noise shield provides superior common-mode rejection of typically 10kV/µs. The HCPL2601M and HCPL2631M has a minimum CMR of 5kV/µs. The HCPL2611M has a minimum CMR of 10kV/µs.

data_rate10.0 Mbps
reach_svhc_complianceNo SVHC
lead_free_statusLead Free
mounting_styleSurface Mount
isolation_voltage2.50 kV
packagingCut Tape (CT)
input_current50.0 mA
output_voltage7.00 V
Количество в упаковке1000
КорпусMDIP 8L
Вес1.111 г
No. of Channels1Channels
Isolation Voltage2.5kV
Data Rate10Mbps
Optocoupler Case StyleSurface Mount DIP
No. of Pins8Pins
Product Range-
SVHCNo SVHC (07-Jul-2017)
Input Current15mA
Optocoupler Output TypeLogic Gate
Output Voltage7V
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