• ADSP-2181BSZ-133
  • ADSP-2181BSZ-133
  • ADSP-2181BSZ-133
  • ADSP-2181BSZ-133
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The ADSP-2181 is a single-chip microcomputer optimized for digital signal processing (DSP) and other high speed numeric processing applications. The ADSP-2181 combines the ADSP-2100 family base architecture(three computational units, data address generators and a program sequencer) with two serial ports, a 16-bit internal DMA port, a byte DMA port, a programmable timer, Flag I/O, extensive interrupt capabilities, and on-chip program and data memory. The ADSP-2181 integrates 80K bytes of on-chip memory configured as 16K words (24-bit) of program RAM, and 16K words (16-bit) of data RAM. Power-down circuitry is also provided to meet the low power needs of battery operated portable equipment. The ADSP-2181 is available in 128-pin TQFP and 128- pin PQFP packages. In addition, the ADSP-2181 supports new instructions, which include bit manipulations-bit set, bit clear, bit toggle, bit test- new ALU constants, new multiplication instruction (x squared), biased rounding, result free ALU operations, I/O memory transfers and global interrupt masking for increased flexibility. Fabricated in a high speed, double metal, low power, CMOS process, the ADSP-2181 operates with a 30 ns instruction cycle time. Every instruction can execute in a single processor cycle. The ADSP-2181's flexible architecture and comprehensive instruction set allow the processor to perform multiple operations in parallel. In one processor cycle the ADSP-2181 can: Generate the next program address Fetch the next instruction Perform one or two data moves Update one or two data address pointers Perform a computational operation

supply_voltage_dc5.00 V
clock_speed33.3 MHz (max)
reach_svhc_complianceNo SVHC
lead_free_statusContains Lead
mounting_styleSurface Mount
packagingTray, Bulk
frequency33.3 MHz
ram_bytes81920 B
Количество в упаковке24
Вес9.892 г
DSP TypeFloating Point
No. of Bits16bit
Flash Memory Size-
DSP Case StyleQFP
No. of Pins128Pins
No. of I/O's-
No. of MIPS-
Embedded Interface TypeSSI
Operating Temperature Min-40°C
Operating Temperature Max85°C
Core Supply Voltage Min4.5V
Core Supply Voltage Max5.5V
Product Range-
RoHS Phthalates CompliantYes
MSLMSL 3 - 168 hours
SVHCNo SVHC (07-Jul-2017)
External Supported MemoryEPROM
Operating Temperature Range-40°C to +85°C
RAM Memory Size80KB
Supply Voltage5V
Supply Voltage Range4.5V to 5.5V
Termination TypeSurface Mount Device
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